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Why Not have a "healthy talk'?

24 Nov 2014

Foundation Why Not sponsors over 35 children with epilepsy medication. The organization provides different prescriptions of epilepsy medication depending on the condition of a child.

Why Not's newest day care project!

22 Oct 2014

Why not give day care is a new project of Stichting (foundation) Why Not. It was started in June to cater for children living with cerebral palsy. The project is managed by a hardworking and determined fieldworker Matilda.

ISUtrecht students for Why Not

01 Aug 2014

By Josie Galemmo.
Just before the summer holidays last year, the secondary students got introduced to ’Why Not Kenya’, a Dutch charity that supports disabled children in Kenya. Immediately, they wanted to help out.

Why Not introduce one of our tailors

25 Jun 2014

Why Not fieldworker Catherine introduces one of Why Not’s tailors:
"Rosemary has been a tailor for 10 years. She trained in dressmaking at Wema Centre. She studies up to form 4, but was unable to continue after she got married at 19 years old."

The impact of our epilepsy program

14 May 2014

It’s now over 3 years since Stichting Why Not started one of its empowerment activities to support children living with epilepsy in the area of Utange by supporting them with medication to control and manage the condition to reduce fits.

The Why Not Benefit Event!

26 Mar 2014

Saturday the 5th of April, from 2pm untill 7pm, the first Why Not Benefit Event will take place in Utange, Kenya!

Why Not. . . Help out the Barnabus School?

28 Feb 2014

Stichting Why Not learnt about Barnabas primary school in 2013. This is after getting information that 5 children with special needs have been integrated into this school!

Why Not have ISU as a partner?

19 Jun 2013

Why Not officially got an incredible new partner! All children and teachers of the ISU (International School Utrecht) will support Why Not with helping the children and the families in the Why Not programme.

Old books for a good cause

06 Dec 2012

A member of the Why-Not-Workgroup, Ivette, started a new project in October. A book for a book. . .Why Not??

Why Not finally registered as a NGO in Kenya

27 Jul 2012

After writing many letters, collecting many autographs, talking with important people and a lot of waiting, we finally got the good news on the 22nd of May!

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Why Not is a foundation that works to improve the social position of children (4 to 21 years) with a physical and/or mental disability.
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