Why not introduce ourselves?

Why Not was founded in 2010 by three enthusiastic young Dutch women. The Why Not foundation supports children and youth with a physical or mental disability between the ages of 4 and 21 in Kenya.

The percentage of disabled people in Kenya is a lot higher than in Europe. Unfortunately the general belief in Kenya is still that a disability is God’s curse, a sign that you have made a mistake or committed a sin. It is because of this belief that many parents are ashamed of their disabled child and tell how "The children can’t do anything, they are worthless and can’t contribute anything to the community". They are seen as a burden. These ideas are the reason why disabled children seldom get the chance to take part in the Kenyan society and are usually being locked up, abandoned, neglected and even abused.

Why Not wants to change this: Let us give the right example and show everyone that a disabled child is just a child with his/her own character, strengths, value and needs! By supporting these children by providing schooling, day care and/or training, we hope to widen their world and help these children become more independent. We also actively involve and support the parents and the community.

What started as a volunteer project, has grown into a Dutch and Kenyan foundation with 6 sustainable projects with an increasing support-group. Surely this is something that you want to contribute to?

Marloes Herber
Annemiek Karsijns
Kim van Nuenen

Donating helps!

Did you know dat you can donate directly? And that you can do a monthly payment which will help one of the children directly?